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Held yearly in October since 2005 and celebrating its 9th edition, this year, Festival Cinema Brasil will take place in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kanazawa, Osaka, Kyoto and Hamamatsu.

FCB2013 officially kicks off on Saturday, October 12th at Eurospace, in Shibuya, Tokyo and ends on Saturday, November 23th at Kyoto. The event will last approximately one and half month and includes 8 Brazilian movies, amongst dramas, comedies, fictions and documentaries, which portrait the enchantment of Brazilian cinema, different from American-Hollywood and Asian productions.

Festival Cinema Brasil  have the purpose to promote the Brazilian seventh art to the largest audience of the Japanese island, aiming to foster the cultural exchange and understanding of Brazil, besides stimulating the trade of Brazilian productions in the Japanese market.

In these seven years, FCB has developed and matured each year, attracting a loyal audience amongst movie lovers and fans of Brazilian culture, who warmly await the annual festival season.

The organization wants to express its gratitude to the audience for their incentives and encouragement, and to the sponsors for their generosity and support.
Festival Cinema Brasil Executive Committee



For further information about the Festival, please contact us by e-mail or phone: Email: info@cinemabrasil.jp or  TEL: 050-6860-1540 (Working hours: 10:00 - 18:00)

Notes for the Press Those interested in getting pictures from the movies, please contact us through the following address:info@cinemabrasil.jp


 About Tupiniquim

Tupiniquim Entertainment is an event production company founded to promote the cultural exchange between Brazil and Japan by introducing Brazilian culture through music and cinema to the Japanese community.

The company wants to concentrate its efforts to continuously promote Brazilian cultural and entertainment events throughout Japan and Asia. The festival’s mission is to create an opportunity of cultural exchange, and reach the largest number of audience in the Japanese archipelago, making the event accessible to an ever-growing audience and provide them the opportunity to learn and discover the attraction spots and enchantments of Brazil and its people.

The company hopes to continue promoting more events and plans to expand into the Asian market, fostering the friendship ties between Brazil and Japan, and the cultural exchange among Brazil and other Asian countries.


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